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For Home Buyers: It’s a great time to shop around and save on mortgage rates. And don't forget about the new government incentives! RRSP's withdrawals for first time buyers just increased from $20,000 to $25,000 and check if you qualify for up to $5,000 on a tax credit for your closing costs.
Buyers in today’s market are looking for value. They can have savings in various ways. It’s remarkable the high percentage of buyers that just settle for their banks posted mortgage rate. It’s not your banks job to point out you could possibly save thousands by checking out their competition.
Sutton incredibly Low 5 Year Fixed Mortgage just dropped to 3.39% and variable to 2.75% - Wow, that's pretty unbelievable!

Here is how it happened: A number of Sutton realtors decided to join the Sutton Member Program to be able to provide some of the lowest priced mortgage products on the market. For those clients that qualify there is no cost to them, no hidden charges.

• Current Rate: 3.39%
• Terms: 5 Year Fixed/Closed
• Commitment Period: 60 Days
• Amortization: 25-35 Years Available
• Loan to Value (LTV) 95% Maximum
• Prepayment Privilege: 15% / 15%
• Default Insurance Providers: CMHC & Genworth Financial
How does one qualify for the Sutton Mortgage? First you need to select a Sutton Member realtor - call for our list - or purchase a Sutton Members "Listing" (yes, that's right - even if its through another realtor) so what for our "for sale" signs.

Home Sellers: Can you imagine if you listed your home and were able to post our 3.50% Mortgage Rate as a potential offer to the buyer of your home.

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